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THE MAGIC & BREWS TOUR is our newest tour for 2023!  This tour is a great way to invite your community to see your brewery.  Why?  Because everyone loves a magic show, from grandma & grandpa to little kids.  This can be geared as an all-ages family event or adult only event (either way, the comedy is clean and the magic show amazes adults).  Tom Coverly is wanting to do this tour for several reasons, he and his wife have visited over 350 breweries in the past few years as they have toured across America.  They love breweries and meeting brewery owners and managers.  The biggest reason is they are using this as a fundraiser tour for their bullying & suicide nonprofit.


Imagine 75 minutes of laughter with world renown comedy magician, Tom Coverly (A.K.A. The Illusionist) while selling lots of beer (& food if you have it before the show) while supporting an amazing cause (



1.  Have enough seats indoors for at least 50+ people, adequate speakers/sound system & wireLESS hand held mic and floor or stage space of at least 5' area.  We ask that no other activities/events be happening inside the brewery during the show.  Must be willing to make this a private paid event for a total of 2-3 hours (this will give enough time for ticketed guests to enter, eat BEFORE the show begins, duration of the show. and a meet & greet after the show. Ticketed guests can order more drinks (via a server throughout the duration of the show).  Must be willing to promote the event on your social media, website and hang posters in your venue.  We will provide the PDF of the poster / flyer and all you have to do is print them, pass them out and hang it.

2.  You keep 100% of beer/food sales.  We keep & handle 100% of ticket sales.  What is the cost? FREE.  Well almost!  Tom's normal show rate is thousands of dollars and he is willing to waive this cost completely (except for a $150 deposit) since he is doing this as a fundraiser tour.  The $150 would be the nonrefundable deposit to lock in your show date.  It's a small amount of "skin in the game" to let us know which Breweries are serious about hosting this tour. Again, the night of the show, you keep 100% of drink/food you sell.  The only other thing we ask as a courtesy is to provide one hotel room the night of the show (many breweries get this sponsored by a local hotel in exchange for their name printed on the poster).

3. Email us your desired month(s) & day(s) of week as your preferred show night.  We will let you know our availability as we map out the tour across America for 2023. We will be mapping this tour to geographically make sense, so we will do our best to make it happen during your desired dates.  Best to give us several options.

Select desired day to host the tour
Select desired month to host the tour
Did you read all the hosting details?

Thank you. We will contact you shortly with availability.

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