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Tiffany Coverly

Women's Speaker | Author | Worship Artist | Tour Manager

Tiffany loves people. People love Tiffany. She radiates the love of Jesus. Tiffany has been writing & singing since she was a little girl. Worship music, leading people into the presence of God and giving words of encouragement through writing are her biggest passions. Her book, "Confidence" is available on Amazon.

Tiffany Coverly loves sharing her story through her blog, speaking to women at ladies events and touring on the road with her husband and 11 year old daughter with “One Goal Productions”. It does not take long to listen to her heart and you fall more in love with Jesus. Tiffany is raw and real about how God carried her through being bullied as a child, suicidal thoughts, poor decisions in her faith walk, verbally abusive dating relationship, divorce and the death of her daughters father.


God has a huge purpose for our lives even when life seems hopeless! Tiffany would be the first to shout praise to God for the beauty that has come from her past and also what she has been able to share in this book. 



worship artist and Women's speaker

Tiffany is available to speak and/or lead worship at your church, women's retreat, conference or christian festival.

Tiffany has a powerful message about Confidence and becoming a powerhouse woman of God.

confidence book for women and girls

Do you lack confidence? You are not alone.  God has placed the contents within this book on Tiffany's heart during a time when she was struggling; with herself, with some of the deep issues that women face and that no one feels “comfortable” talking about with others. These issues often make women feel ashamed and leaving them feeling alone. “Confidence” goes to a deeper understanding of these issues, while also providing you with different action steps you can take, to help you make your life better over time. This book has a complete Biblical approach, using humor and including personal stories from Tiffany's own personal life. "Confidence" helps every reader to know that you are not alone and do not need to feel ashamed, especially as a Christian woman that may experience these same struggles.

Together, as you read, we will journey towards Confidence.

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